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Sharing Beauty: Custom Portraits and Art

Sharing Beauty: Custom Portraits and Art

Sharing Beauty: Custom Portraits and ArtSharing Beauty: Custom Portraits and ArtSharing Beauty: Custom Portraits and Art

See my portraits by appointment, or at the Jefferson Valley Mall, Yorktown Heights, NY! 


Your Corner Artist is....

Sharon Rubinstein, and friends. Why the name? Not just because the studio workspace was initially located in a corner of the Jefferson Valley Mall. It's also because we have wanted to offer a place for you to enjoy art, learn about art, commission art, buy art, and make art. 

What's on tap?

Sharon has enjoyed doing demos and offering workshops at Your Corner Artist. She shows her work locally and beyond. In the fall of 2019, she had a two month, one-woman show in Annapolis, Maryland and recently one of her pieces was selected for a winter show at the Field Library in Peekskill, NY. 

What's consistent?

Sharing beauty. Sharing fun. Sharing knowledge. And caring about art and community.

The mall has been our setting, and also our partner: Sharon began making oil paintings of mall regulars in the spring of 2018, and they were the subject of an opening in January of 2019. You can see a video of the event - and see the paintings near the mall's food court.

Featured Artist

Sharon Rubinstein (caricature byTom Chalkley)

Sharon pursued fine arts studies in college and later with noted artists Robert Liberace and Daniel Greene. She works primarily in oil paint, pastels, acrylics, and pencil. Custom portraits are her specialty, but she also creates other kinds of images. 



Landscapes and still life


Artist's Statement

Sharon Rubinstein


I have been drawing and painting since I could hold a pencil. (Photography is a newer interest.) I specialize in portraiture, but enjoy a wide range of artistic subjects and media. 

My first teacher was my mother, who was an accomplished artist and wonderful role model. I am still inspired by her works. 

Drawing and experimenting with many art forms was a prime pleasure of my childhood and adolescence. Although I eventually turned to other academic subjects that enabled a different day job,  I pursued fine arts studies in college and beyond and was able to be at least a part-time artist. 

I have been lucky to learn from more than a few eminent teachers, including Daniel Greene and Robert Liberace, and have completed numerous works and commissions. I have also taught, and am looking forward to teaching more.

In 2019, I finished an oil portrait series for the Jefferson Valley Mall, where I had my studio - “Your Corner Artist”  - for about ten months. My first painting of WWII veteran Lenny Tosto was unveiled in the spring of 2018. Lenny is a beloved member of the mall community, so his selection as the debut subject was no accident.  Have you been to the Chocolatiere shop yet? Check it  out! And see proprietors Mukesh and Bharti there. Amanda is also on the wall - she ran guest services - and so is Rocky; I'll bet you can guess what he does at the JVM.  It’s exciting to have highlighted the people who animate the mall’s corridors each day, and to have completed 14 paintings, each with a different perspective.

At the Peekskill Arts Alliance Open Studios event, June 2nd and 3rd, 2018

At the Peekskill Arts Alliance Open Studios event, June 2nd and 3rd, 2018

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